new resource available for making comments regarding the cost of prison and jail phone calls

On December 26, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rules to reduce the cost of interstate phone calls from inmates. The FCC is now seeking comments on the cost of such calls. The deadline for initial comments is March 25.

For people who are interested in reining in prison phone rates, the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice recently released a guide to the FCC’s request for comments. The guide suggests topics and talking points. It also contains sample testimony:

I understand you are looking into the high costs of inmate phone services and the monopoly that allows them. Maintaining contact with my husband via phone calls is the biggest coping method for both of us. … You have the authority to help the families of inmates by lowering the amount per minute the companies are able to charge, and by giving us a choice in services so maybe that will bring the fees down. 

Finally, the guide includes instructions for how to file comments online or via mail. Please share this new resource with your friends and file comments before the deadline.