iraq war resister kimberly rivera’s application for clemency rejected

Kimberly Rivera, a soldier who fled to Canada in 2007 after becoming disenchanted with the Iraq war, pled guilty to two counts of desertion in April. After receiving two deportation orders, she had presented herself at the U.S. border in September 2012 and was taken into military custody. Rivera was sentenced to 10 months in prison and a bad-conduct discharge.

On Monday, Rivera gave birth to her fifth child, Matthew. On Wednesday, her application for clemency was rejected. According to today’s San Diego Free Press article,

When Fort Carson Senior Commander Brigadier General Michael A. Bills rejected her application for clemency on November 27th, Rivera sustained yet another separation–from her newborn son Matthew, who is being cared for now by his father here in San Diego. Military regulations reportedly include no provision for her to breastfeed her baby while she is in prison.

Rivera is scheduled for release in early January 2014. More than four thousand people have signed a petition to have her released sooner.