federal bureau of investigation will use billboards to find daniel andreas san diego

by Tim Phillips

Animal rights activist Daniel Andreas San Diego was allegedly involved in politically-motivated bombings in 2003, targeting two Bay Area corporations because of their ties to the animal-testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences. The bombings didn’t harm anyone. Yet on April 21, 2009, the FBI placed San Diego on its list of most-wanted terrorists.

Having failed to locate San Diego for more than 10 years, the FBI announced yesterday that his image will appear on electronic billboards throughout the U.S. for a week. Although San Diego was indicted in July 2004, he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. According to a Los Angeles Times article from October 2003,

Rod Coronado, a spokesman for the radical animal rights group Animal Liberation Front and the radical environmental group Earth Liberation Front, said he could understand the frustration that might lead activists to bomb businesses associated with Huntingdon. But he did not believe that San Diego had committed the crimes.