judge in são paulo temporarily suspends order evicting families from illegally occupied site

by Tim Phillips

Several days ago, approximately 2,500 families aligned with the Homeless Workers’ Movement occupied an area of private land in close proximity to the World Cup stadium in São Paulo, Brazil. A local court issued an eviction order on Wednesday, giving the families 48 hours to leave. According to a World Bulletin article,

The families are largely local residents who say they have been priced out of their homes by rents that, in some cases, have trebled in value. They blame speculation due to the World Cup stadium. … Officials at São Paulo City Hall were quoted by the G1 news portal as saying that the number of squatter settlements has increased rapidly in the last three months, to some 90 sites.

The Homeless Workers’ Movement said it would resist against any forced eviction by police. In addition, the organization’s legal team appealed the court’s eviction order. In response to the appeal, a judge temporarily suspended the order on Thursday night.

There will be another hearing in the case on May 23.